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March 06 2018

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Memories from Nederland The #swan and me 😉 — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2I97WKw

March 01 2018

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#Kraftwerk 3D show, #Sofia #Bulgaria — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2F09bOc

February 28 2018


February 19 2018

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Almost flying 😀 #Vitosha #winter — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2olxifo

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The following drawings by Al Margen offer an opportunity to reflect on what our society has become. What do we do with these feelings as they arise from looking at these images? Begin with yourself. How do you feel about the images you see? Are you contributing to what they are representing? What can you do to change yourself and your own behaviours when it comes to what you see below? 

 (via These 15 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection Of What’s Wrong With Society – Collective Evolution)

February 18 2018

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#Winter tale #Vitosha #mountain #Sofia #Bulgaria — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2syWjZE

February 14 2018


2018 Social Media Image and Video Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]  

The team from makeawebsitehub have put together this 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Guide which outlines all the current image dimensions and details for each social network, along with the image types to use.Every major social media platform is listed on here to ensure you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization.

Source: 2018 Social Media Image and Video Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic] | Social Media Today

February 08 2018

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Лотарията от времената преди 6i6i #Sofia #Bulgaria communist remains — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2nSJHXD


A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow. from IDEALOGUE on Vimeo.

Recording of John Perry Barlow reading his “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” produced by Q Department for Department of Records. Video by IDEALOGUE.

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Hero Hunt - Collectible Card Game (via Hero Hunt on Behance)

February 06 2018


Social Networks and their importance in Ecommerce Gateways

Social commerce is a fairly new concept where eCommerce and social media companies work together to deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Basically, the goal of social commerce is to enable shoppers to use social networks to make eCommerce transactions.From shoppable Instagram feeds to ‘Buy’ buttons on Pinterest and YouTube, social commerce is reshaping the online shopping world as we know it. Even multinational eCommerce corporations are taking up this trend. A great example of that are eBay’s Daily Deals on Facebook.According to Facebook, about 450 million users visit buy-and-sell groups on a monthly basis. With that in mind, Facebook rolled out a new service called Marketplace in October 2016. This concept is pretty much the same one that eCommerce giants like eBay and Amazon use.Users of this social media platform can now browse through eBay Daily Deals through Facebook’s mobile app. This is where eBay’s ShopBot bot comes into play, and helps customers narrow down their search. After all, there are more than a billion listings on eBay. With the Daily Deals feature, customers can get free shipping, unique discounts, and PayPal guarantees.As outlined in the infographic below, major social media platforms are becoming more commercial, while eCommerce platforms are becoming more social, and the social commerce trend is gaining in popularity with each passing day.

Source: Social Networks and their importance in Ecommerce Gateways

January 30 2018

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Outdoor от времето на Телевизионния Театър 😁 #Sofia #Bulgaria communist remains — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2nohYPa

January 29 2018

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The driver is ready to go :-) #dog #funny — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2GtyKEH

January 26 2018

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Ashot Gevorkyan is a professional photographer and retoucher based in Kaliningrad, Russia. He recently created a series of animated GIFs that offer a look into how commercial images are composited and retouched from the original photograph to the final delivered image. 

 (via Animated GIFs Reveal the Retouching That Went Into Composited Photos)

January 23 2018


A Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign [Infographic] | 

Unbounce share their beginners guide to a successful marketing strategy in this infographic.Here they show you how to combine the following tactics: Social media, Content marketing. Email marketing, Pay per click, Landing pages.

Source: A Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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Hello / I am Gabz
Grzegorz DomaradzkiIllustrator . Graphic Designer . Artist

January 22 2018

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Photographer and video editor from Beirut, Lebanon, Eli Rezkallah created a series called “In A Parallel Universe” where he switched up the gender roles portrayed in those ads to reveal the absurdity of such stereotypes with humor.

(via Photographer Reverses Gender Roles In Sexist Vintage Ads, And Some Men Will Not Like The Result | Bored Panda)

January 21 2018

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#Winter in #Rodopi #Pamporovo — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2mX92PJ

January 20 2018

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#pamporovo #snejankatower #winter and #summer #Bulgaria — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2BgLJWl

January 06 2018

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