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December 10 2019


2020 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 

“The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide” below explains to you what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization.This year I’ve added in two new platforms to the list. With the growing popularity of  Chinese social media networks, it’s only right that I include WeChat and Weibo.I’ve also added in Ello social media image sizes as well, as I know a few of you guys are starting to use that platform more and more.


Source: 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet – Make A Website Hub

November 16 2019


November 11 2019


How to Create Content for Links, Engagements and Conversions [Infographic] 

The team from Spiralytics have put together this overview of how to create content for three different purposes – Engagement, SEO or Conversion.Each element includes specific notes on how to best angle your readers towards that objective, which could help in your planning.

Source: How to Create Content for Links, Engagements and Conversions [Infographic] | Social Media Today

October 30 2019


8 New Graphic Design Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

The team from Venngage share their graphic design trends for 2020 and beyond in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Muted color palettes
  • Color gradients
  • Abstract and dream illustrations
  • Heavy but simple fonts
  • Beautiful flowing shapes and lines
  • Genuine and neutral stock photos
  • Minimalist landing pages
  • Better branded animations

Source: 8 New Graphic Design Trends for 2020 [Infographic] | Social Media Today

September 04 2019


A Complete Listing of Facebook’s Acquisitions [Infographic] |

Could Facebook’s acquisitions point to significant shifts in its future direction?With this in mind, it’s worth taking a look at this updated infographic from the team at Techwyse which outlines all the companies that Facebook has bought up over time. There are 72 purchases in total, and Facebook remains active on this front.Check out the full infographic below.

Source: A Complete Listing of Facebook’s Acquisitions [Infographic] | Social Media Today

August 14 2019


#SEO Checklist: 65 Steps to Higher Google Rankings in 2020 and Beyond [Infographic] | 

Are you looking for ways to increase Google rankings? Want to future-proof your website SEO for 2020 and beyond?The team from Leapfroggr share their SEO checklist to follow in this infographic.Here are some of the key steps they include:

Source: SEO Checklist: 65 Steps to Higher Google Rankings in 2020 and Beyond [Infographic] | Social Media Today

June 11 2019


21 Tips for Creating a Great Website [Infographic] 

What makes a website successful? Or maybe a better question: “What makes your website successful?

”See, you could define “a great website” a variety of ways, but simply stated, a great website inspires the visitor to take action. That, ultimately, is what defines a website’s success, right?It follows then that you can only deem your website successful when you know what you want its visitors to do.

And the one and only strategy for optimizing it is to perpetually work at it in a measured effort to get more visitors to take the action you deem important…

Source: 21 Tips for Creating a Great Website [Infographic] | Social Media Today

May 29 2019


March 12 2019


Sir Tim Berners-Lee: 30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? 

To tackle any problem, we must clearly outline and understand it. I broadly see three sources of dysfunction affecting today’s web:

  1. Deliberate, malicious intent, such as state-sponsored hacking and attacks, criminal behaviour, and online harassment.
  2. System design that creates perverse incentives where user value is sacrificed, such as ad-based revenue models that commercially reward clickbait and the viral spread of misinformation.
  3. Unintended negative consequences of benevolent design, such as the outraged and polarised tone and quality of online discourse.


Companies must do more to ensure their pursuit of short-term profit is not at the expense of human rights, democracy, scientific fact or public safety. Platforms and products must be designed with privacy, diversity and security in mind. This year, we’ve seen a number of tech employees stand up and demand better business practices. We need to encourage that spirit.

And most important of all, citizens must hold companies and governments accountable for the commitments they make, and demand that both respect the web as a global community with citizens at its heart. If we don’t elect politicians who defend a free and open web, if we don’t do our part to foster constructive healthy conversations online, if we continue to click consent without demanding our data rights be respected, we walk away from our responsibility to put these issues on the priority agenda of our governments.

The fight for the web is one of the most important causes of our time. Today, half of the world is online. It is more urgent than ever to ensure the other half are not left behind offline, and that everyone contributes to a web that drives equality, opportunity and creativity.

Read more: 30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? – World Wide Web Foundation

February 28 2019


16 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates [Infographic] 

The team from B2B Metric share their tips for website success in this infographic.As noted by B2B Metric:”It can be easy for marketers to become obsessed with driving traffic, and put less focus on optimizing their site. But Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) should remain a key consideration – ensuring that you convert the traffic you drive to your site is integral to any campaign success.”The infographic below outlines a range of key tips to get you thinking.

Source: 16 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates [Infographic] | Social Media Today

February 04 2019


December 17 2018


Graphic Design Trends 2019: Inspiration & Examples 

What are the top 2019 Graphic Design Trends?Here are the top design trends that we predict will dominate the digital & offline landscape in 2019:

  • Bookman & Oldstyle Serifs
  • Custom Typefaces
  • Eco Packaging
  • San Serif Logos
  • Retro Human Illustrations
  • Subtle Motion
  • Memphis
  • Digital Brutalism
  • Complex Gradients
  • Abstract Geometry
  • Evolved Patterns
  • Isometric Illustration
  • Broken Grid Layouts
  • Augmented Reality
  • Modern Collage
  • 3D Elements
  • Variable Fonts


Source: Graphic Design Trends 2019: Inspiration & Examples | JUST™ Creative

November 17 2018


10 Web Design Trends That Will Take Charge in 2019 [Infographic] 

Are you considering giving your website a refresh, or even creating a whole new site in 2019? The new year can be a great time to kickstart a new approach, and updating your website can provide a range of benefits. But you need to do it right – there’s no point updating your site if you’re not moving in line with rising user expectations, and behavioral changes related to visitor use.

Source: 10 Web Design Trends That Will Take Charge in 2019 [Infographic] | Social Media Today

September 11 2018


101 Facts About Instagram [Infographic] | Social Media Today

The app was first launched on iOS in 2010, and was subseqently purchased by Facebook in 2012 for what, at the time, was seen by many as a crazy high price of $1 billion. At last check, Instagram, which now has over a billion active users in its own right, is worth an estimated $100 billion, a fairly significant return on investment for The Social Network.    With the addition of Instagram Stories, and the continued development of its many tools and features – most recently IGTV – Instagram continues to expand, and shows no sign of slowing yet.The below infographic from Digi Smm provides an overview of some of the most interesting facts about Instagram and its development, including key milestones and usage stats.

Source: 101 Facts About Instagram [Infographic] | Social Media Today

September 10 2018


August 20 2018


Ethical OS Guide

What’s in the Toolkit:A checklist of 8 risk zones to help you identify the emerging areas of risk and social harm most critical for your team to start considering now.14 scenarios to spark conversation and stretch your imagination about the long-term impacts of tech you’re building today.7 future-proofing strategies to help you take ethical action today.

The guide, called the Ethical OS, comes out of a partnership between the Institute of the Future, a Palo Alto-based think tank, and the Tech and Society Solutions Lab, a year-old initiative from the impact investment firm Omidyar Network. Both groups focus on the intersection of tech and society. Collectively, they imagine the Ethical OS as a bridge between the researchers who study tech’s growing impact on society and the companies that wield control.

More: https://ethicalos.org/



August 03 2018


See 20 years of FAKE NEWS about EU by UK press. Vote for your ‘favourite’ here:

Pride's Purge

Forget about Russian meddling or US companies pushing fake and ‘dark’ news on the internet to influence the Brexit vote.

Fake news to influence the UK public to vote for Brexit has mostly come from our very own so-called professional journalists right here in the UK.

Here’s a list of fake news by the UK press over the last 20 years. Every single story here has been debunked as fake news.

It’s hard to pick just one but my personal favourites are Euronotes cause impotence‘ by the Daily Mail and ‘EU puts speed limit on children’s roundabouts‘ from the always entertaining Daily Express.

Read through the list and vote for your own ‘favourite’ in the comments section below – the most popular will win a ‘prize’for ‘Most Ridiculous EU Fake News’.

Enjoy (or maybe despair):

EC regulations to ban playgrounds – Daily Express

View original post 1,039 more words

June 20 2018


12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic] |

Are you in the process of creating or redesigning your business website? Trying to figure out what to include on your home page?HubSpot share twelve essential elements every home page should have in this infographic.

Source: 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic] | Social Media Today

June 07 2018


100+ Google SEO Success Factors, Ranked

Google uses 1000s of signals to rank web pages. Nobody knows what they all are (and anyone who claims otherwise is fibbing). In fact, since the rise of machine learning, not even Googlers can tell you all the elements that influence rankings and how they interact with one another in search results.

Source: 100+ Google SEO Success Factors, Ranked | Zyppy

May 18 2018

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#Communist time remains in #Sofia #Bulgaria — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/2GxFHDy

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