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September 20 2014

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No matter how bored or irritated we might be about the overflow of advertisements around us, public awareness ads still manage to catch our attention.
(via 45 Powerful Public Awareness Ads That’ll Make You Think | InstantShift)

September 19 2014


Made.com makes Scottish Referendum marketing "blunder"

Made.com has been left embarrassed this morning after sending out an email to its customer base announcing it had launched in a "new country" with special offers on "Saltire-inspired" products.

September 16 2014

Want even more mind-blowing TED Talks? Let’s get more STEM teachers in the classroom. Starting with … you!

September 15 2014

San Paolo wine

September 13 2014

Digital Transformation – Infographic by Smart Insights

September 12 2014


Code.org Launches Code Studio, A Toolset And Curriculum For Teaching Kids Programming (Kyle Russell/TechCrunch)

Kyle Russell / TechCrunch:
Code.org Launches Code Studio, A Toolset And Curriculum For Teaching Kids Programming  —  Since its creation, Code.org's mission has been to get coding into curriculums for students as schools nationwide.  Today, the nonprofit group is launching Code Studio, a combined set of tools and curriculum …

5 Types of Games We'd Love to See on an Apple Watch

Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science course attracts 818 students, up from 700 last year, the most in 30 years (Meg P. Bernhard/Harvard News)

Meg P. Bernhard / Harvard News:
Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science course attracts 818 students, up from 700 last year, the most in 30 years  —  CS50 Logs Record-Breaking Enrollment Numbers  —  Nearly 12 percent of Harvard College is enrolled in a single course, according to data released by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar's Office on Wednesday.


Facebook Is Using User Feedback To Show Better Ads by @mattsouthern

There are millions of ads that are eligible to be shown in News Feed every day from more than 1.5 million active advertisers on Facebook, the company stated in an announcement today. Facebook’s goal is to show people ads they think each individual will find interesting. In order to better achieve that goal, Facebook will be rolling out two updates to the news feed to help show people more relevant ads. One way Facebook is going to do that is by analyzing the data they have gained from users who hide ads, and using the feedback to inform whether or […]

The post Facebook Is Using User Feedback To Show Better Ads by @mattsouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

September 11 2014

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Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez paints unbelievably lifelike pictures of people, most of them swimmers interacting with the water around them. With his paintings which are realistic down to the last ripple and gleam of the water, Nuñez likes to take advantage of that trompe l’oeil on his instagram account, where he poses in front of his paintings as if he is touching or applying paint onto real people.
(via Photorealistic Portraits of Swimmers by Gustavo Silva Nuñez | Yatzer)

September 10 2014

Discussion Board Digest: Selling Your Soul (In the Good Way) - Quick Resume Tips for Designers

Global stocks lower on growth worries, Fed jitters

Wall Street looked set for more losses, with futures for the Dow and Standard & Poor's 500 both off 0.2 percent

Print ads: When I drive fast

Brand: Nivel Insurance Media: Print Category: Financial services Agency: Luis Saldeño Publicidad Geo: Argentina Nivel Insurance: When I drive fast Advertising Agency: Saldeño Publicidad, Salta, Argentina Creative Director: Nicolas Arnedo Art Director / Illustrator: Diego Alderete Copywriter: Lautaro Ledesma Additional credits: Graciela Delgado, Luis Saldeño Published: July 2014


Online: Net Neutrality Awareness: Don't flush our rights down the toilet

Brand: Thinkmodo Media: Online Category: Agency self-promo Agency: Thinkmodo Geo: United States Net Neutrality Awareness: Don't flush our rights down the toilet Advertising Agency: Thinkmodo, New York, USA Creative Directors / Producers: James Percelay, Michael Krivicka Animation: Studio Nos Published: September 2014


TV & Cinema: Tiger

Brand: Volkswagen Media: TV Category: Automotive Agency: DDB Geo: Spain Volkswagen Polo: Tiger Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain General Creative Director: José Maria Roca de Vinyals Creative Directors: Javier Melendez, Xavi de la Cruz Producer: Vicky Moñino Production: Canada Director: Erik Morales Producer: Julia Carrasco DOP: Juanmi Azpiroz Color: Marc Morató Editor: Ramon Morejon Flame Artist / Supervisor VFX: Xavi Bertran 3D: Nico Roig, Marcial Aparicio Sound: BSO


TV & Cinema: Triggers

Brand: Quit Victoria Media: TV Category: Public interest Agency: JWT Geo: Australia Quit Victoria: Triggers Advertising Agency: JWT, Melbourne, Australia Creative Director: Tim Holmes Production: Animade


Print ads: Hipster

Brand: Centrum Media: Print Category: Pharmaceutical Agency: Brother Geo: Argentina Centrum: Hipster It's better feeling young on the inside. Advertising Agency: Brother Escuela de Creativos, Buenos Aires, Argentina Copywriter: Diego Lopez Art Director: Isac Neto Photographer: Celeste Martearena Retoucher: Murilo Viviurka Styling: Chumi Nogales Makeup: Milagros Rodriguez Pujol Hair design: Neko Neko


Outdoor: 50th Anniversary, 2

Brand: Michigan State University Media: Outdoor Category: Education Agency: Extra Credit Projects Geo: United States MSU College of Human Medicine: 50th Anniversary, 2 Advertising Agency: Extra Credit Projects, Grand Rapids, USA Creative Director: Rob Jackson Art Directors: Chad Hutchison, Aaron Sullivan Published: August 2014

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A Global Brand Celebrates A Universal Truth: A Mother’s Unconditional Love

It’s official: consumer goods companies have abandoned marketing product benefits in order to make room for emotional storytelling. Unilever first introduced this trend in April of 2013, when it channeled a new sense of realness with Dove and its Real Beauty Sketches. Over a year later, in June of 2014, it was Proctor & Gamble’s […]
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