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July 13 2015

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Artist Franz von Bayros immortalized this life of utter decadence through his ornate illustrations, fanciful renderings of noble ladies behind closed doors. However, these subjects are not the repressed Victorian maidens you might be imagining. No, these ladies are more than game to engage in some light BDSM, fetishism and the occasional crack at bestiality.

(via 19th-Century Lesbian Erotica Is A Truly Salacious Treat (NSFW))

July 12 2015


Exploit for second Flash vulnerability found in Hacking Team leak; Adobe expects to release a fix in the next week (Lucian Constantin/PCWorld)

Lucian Constantin / PCWorld:
Exploit for second Flash vulnerability found in Hacking Team leak; Adobe expects to release a fix in the next week  —  Second Flash Player zero-day exploit found in Hacking Team's data  —  The huge cache of files recently leaked from Italian surveillance software maker Hacking Team is the gift that keeps on giving for attackers.

July 11 2015

Invi’s SMS Replacement App For Android Exits Beta, Still Dreaming Big

July 09 2015


July 02 2015


DSM - Unsung Heroes of Science - Behind the Scenes (Science Can Change The World) from 1Camera on Vimeo.

Take a look behind the scenes of our latest film for DSM called Unsung Heroes of Science.

The film tells the story of a few remarkable scientists from different nationalities and fields of research (not connected to DSM). They act out some of the important events and struggles they encountered in their life during their quest to develop scientific innovations that can change the world.

Film Production: Unsung Heroes of Science
Client: Royal DSM N.V. (Angelique Paulussen, Jos van Haastrecht, Rob Dirix)
Concept & Script: Jasper Claus and Hugo Keijzer
Agency: 1Camera
Creative Director: Jasper Claus (1Camera)
Director: Hugo Keijzer
Executive Producer: Paul Keur (1Camera)
Production partner: MikeTeevee
Producer: Ellen Utrecht
Producer: Inge Zoete
Director of Photography Adam Scarth (Lux Artists)
Art Direction: Marijn Molenaar
Offline Editors: Annelien van Wijnbergen & Brian Ent (Kapsalon.tv)
Colorist: Toby Tomkins
Soundstudio: Kaiser Sound Amsterdam
Music: Dead Man’s Bones – “Lose Your Soul” (licencing: Pitch & Sync)
Online: Glassworks Amsterdam

June 23 2015

7 Great Tips for Redesigning a Logo Infographic

June 15 2015

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From its tranquil and picturesque Mount Fuji to cutting-edge robot restaurants in Tokyo, here are some of the country’s most magnificent sites.
(via Pictures of Japan - Business Insider)

June 07 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Marketing – Infographic

June 04 2015


TV & Cinema: 19 Crimes: The Banished

Brand: 19 Crimes Media: TV Category: Alcoholic Drinks Geo: United Kingdom 19 Crimes: The Banished During the 18th and 19th centuries, thousands of convicts were exiled from England to Australia for crimes such as impersonating an Egyptian, stealing fish from a pond and clandestine marriage. 19 Crimes, a wine label distributed by Treasury Wine Estates, features actual mug shots of such convicts – criminals, artists and scholars alike. The Irish poet John Boyle O’Reilly’s poem - “A Builder’s Lesson” - provides the narration for Nick Ball’s roguish film, in which criminals prove the old adage that a habit is a hard thing to break. Advertising Agency: Kayser&Co. Chief Creative Officer: Joe Kayser Creative Director / Copywriter: Eric Boyd Art Director: Joe Kayser Producer: Paul Golubovich Director: Nick Ball Production Company: Furlined President: Diane McArter Executive Producer: Robert Herman Director of Photography: Jan Velicky Line Producer: Robert Bray Production Designer: Radek Hanak Music: Stimmüng Executive Producer: Ceinwyn Clark Composer: David Winer Editorial: Little Moving Pictures Editor: Nathan Petty Producer: Jeremy Summer Composite & Title Artist: Noe Chavez Mix: Joaby Deal Color / One Union Recording Studios MPC: Ricky Gausis


Greece at loggerheads with creditors over reforms for cash

With time running out, ​there are real fears Athens won't secure a deal to get remaining bailout funds to avoid going bankrupt

Print ads: NBA: Let it all out, 2

Brand: NBA Media: Print Category: Recreation & Leisure Agency: Bromley Geo: United States NBA: Let it all out, 2 Playoffs are here. Advertising Agency: Bromley, San Antonio, USA Creative Directors: Abe García, Darío Campos, Daniel Milán Art Director: Darío Campos Illustrator: Salamagica Photographer: Juan Cruz Durán Published: 2015


Online: Ilusión: Rewedding Nights

Brand: Ilusión Media: Online Category: Fashion Agency: Ogilvy Geo: Mexico Ilusión: Rewedding Nights Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mexico City, Mexico Creative Director: Iván Carrasco, Cesar Agost Carreño, Manuel Vega, Lee Galvez Art Director: Ana Pontes, Eduardo Vidals Copywriter: Lee Galvez, Ana Pontes Additional credits: Juan Pablo Osio, Martin Bautista, Roberto Reynoso, Jorge Valdes, Gerardo Salas Published: April, 2015

'Spy' review: Melissa McCarthy fends off co-stars who would steal this hilarious mayhem

Harnessing the Crowd to Solve Healthcare

Jared Heyman HP Matter Innovators Index Co-founder and CEO at CrowdMed on how taking a collaborative approach to diagnosis can create greater efficiencies within the medical system
This Data Visualization Tool Shines A Light On Money And Politics
Alibaba Invests $194M Into China Business News To Build A Bloomberg-Style Rival For Financial Data
Pakistani ed tech startup raises funding for smart communication platform
At least 73 dead in Ghana after gas station explosion

What Connected Living Means for Business

Girl On Phone PSFK outlines what the Future of Connected Life means for industries across the apparel and travel sectors and beyond
4 tips for juggling a full-time job with freelance work
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