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November 28 2014

Four years of bootstrapping, hustling, and no pay: here’s PocketMath’s journey to $10M

Wake up health care: Patients Google it

Social media, Google, and the Internet are medical therapy. My recommendation: Do Google it. Source: www.kevinmd.comFiled under: Service design, service management
Certified “genius” develops next-gen storage software, gets funding from Global Brain

Lester Bernstein, Former Newsweek Editor, Dies at 94

Mr. Bernstein, who also wrote for The New York Times and Time magazine, helped arrange America’s first televised presidential debates when he was an NBC vice president in 1960.



E-commerce is eating the traditional retail industry. Source: www.businessinsider.comFiled under: Service design, service management
What Do You Wear When You Might Run Into Your Ex?

How Anita Sarkeesian is battling sexism and gamergate harassment in the $25B video game industry (Sheelah Kolhatkar/Businessweek)

Sheelah Kolhatkar / Businessweek:
How Anita Sarkeesian is battling sexism and gamergate harassment in the $25B video game industry  —  The Gaming Industry's Greatest Adversary Is Just Getting Started  —  One night in October, before the media critic Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to give a speech at Utah State University …

Meet our Startup Asia Jakarta 2014 hackathon winners

November 26 2014


iPhone 6 Plus users watch 40% more videos in Pocket than iPhone 5/5S owners, and use their tablets 31% less during the week (Pocket Blog)

Pocket Blog:
iPhone 6 Plus users watch 40% more videos in Pocket than iPhone 5/5S owners, and use their tablets 31% less during the week  —  The Screen-Size Debate: How the iPhone 6 Plus Impacts Where We Read & Watch  —  Every day, millions of articles, videos and web pages are saved and viewed on Pocket across phones, tablets, and desktops.

November 25 2014


Rum-based History in a Bottle: The Hub Punch: A pre-prohibition era Boston recipe infused with botanicals and orange

When it comes to seeking novel libations, sometimes the best place to look is the past. Those who came before us truly knew how to party, and what they lacked in (current day) hygiene standards, they more than made up for with inventive—and piquant......
Witney Carson: Can She And Alfonso Ribeiro Win?
This Is The First Thing To Be 3D Printed In Space

Complete is another fine #startup

via Beta List http://ift.tt/1re2dsw #entrepreneur #innovation #service Filed under: startups Tagged: Beta List, IFTTT, Innovation, startup
per kristian nygård grows grass landscape in olso gallery

November 24 2014


Print ads: Never the Same

Ad campaign to promote CEDIA EXPO, the tradeshow for the growing residential electronic systems and home technology industry. Category: Home electronics Client: CEDIA Agency: Frank Strategic Marketing Country: United States of America Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Frank Creative Director: Pete Burch


Online: Do You Accept the Challenge

The new internet and in-store ads consist of lifestyle footage of active people using Misfit, a wearable fitness tracker with a sleek design, while engaged in laser tag, rock climbing, diving and other extreme sports. Shot in various locations along the California coast Category: Sportswear Client: Misfit Agency: in-house Production: 2DS Productions Country: United States of America Director: Aram Rappaport Client: Misfit. Tim Golnick, Vice President/Product and Design; Julie Golnick, Senior Manager/Visual Design; John Blet; Senior Associate/Marketing. Production & Post: Filmworkers. Derek de Board, Executive Producer; Casey Swircz, Producer; Aram Rappaport, Director; Daniel Pernikoff, Senior Art Director; Drew Parks, Lead 3D Artist; Rob Churchill - Creative Director; Michael Anderson; Flame Artist.


TV & Cinema: Sleigh Wash

Brand: SoCal Honda Dealers Media: TV Category: Automotive Geo: United States SoCal Honda Dealers: Sleigh Wash Creative Director: Rick Sittig Producer: Randy Zook Associate Creative Directors: Leah Dieterich, Neal Desai Copywriters: Brian Hallisey, Sarah Weigl Art Directors: Janete Chun, Shawn Coogan Managing Director: Pat Adams Account Director: Brock Anderson Account Supervisor: Saro Karagueuzian

How to Create Custom Smoke Brushes in Adobe Photoshop
Why Singapore’s regulations on taxi apps are bad for consumers

Online: Resilience

A legacy is created through determination, commitment, resilience and the lengths youâll go to achieve your best. How far will you go? How will you #leaveyourmark ? say We Are Social, Sydney Category: Sportswear URL: http://www.adidas.com.au Agency: We Are Social Production: Milkmoney Country: Australia Director: Ethan McLean Creative Director: Oz Dean Strategist: Luke Ryan Account Director: Max Mills Designer: Ray Phan Senior Account Director: Colin Fairley Production Company - Milk Money Ethan McLean - Director Matt Taylor - Executive Producer Charlotte O'Rourke - Producer Sound Mixing - Sonar Music Stuart St. Vincent Welch - Senior Sound Designer

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